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The Kingdom of Thailand, previously known as Siam, is situated in the heart of Southeast Asia with Bangkok as the capital city. It shares a border with Cambodia to the east, Laos to the northeast, Myanmar to the west, and Malaysia to the south. Thailand, with its shape resembling a head of an elephant, is around 198,114 square miles, or roughly the size of the state of Texas. The Kingdom borders two bodies of water—the Gulf of Thailand to the south and the Indian Ocean to the west.

Thailand is divided into four natural regions: the north, northeast, the central plain, and the south. The north is a mountainous region comprised of ridges, natural forest, and deep, narrow alluvial valleys. The northeast is an arid region characterized by a rolling surface and undulating hills. Central Thailand is a lush, fertile valley and possesses the richest and most extensive rice-producing area in the country. The south is hilly with thick forests and rich deposits of minerals and iron ores. The southern region is also the center for rubber production and the cultivation of other topical crops.
Thailand has a warm, tropical climate affected by a seasonal monsoon. Thailand experiences a rainy season from June to October and a dry season for the rest of the year. Temperatures average 75 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit, with the highest temperatures occurring from March to May and the lowest appearing in December and January.
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