Gai Satay

Chicken satay
Makes 12 skewers

Thai Satays are recognized the world over. These kebabs are exotic, flavorful, and easy to prepare. They can also be varied: use 1 1/4 pounds boneless pork loin or flank steak, but be sure the slices are all the same thickness to ensure even cooking. For best results, let the skewered meat marinate overnight.
4 chicken breast filet

2 whole garlic cloves

8 coriander roots

2 medium shallots, chopped

1 tablespoon curry powder

½ teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon sugar

½ teaspoon ground coriander seeds

½ teaspoon turmeric

1/4 cup nam pla

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

½ teaspoon black pepper

6 tablespoons coconut milk

Satay sauce

Cucumber salad

Sticky rice

Jamsin rice
Cut chicken halves lenghtwise into 3 even slices. Pound chicken with the back of a knife until ½ inch thick.

In a food grinder, process garlic, coriander roots, and shallots until smooth. In a shallow bowl, combine chicken, garlic mixture, curry powder, salt, sugar, coriander seeds, turmeric, nam pla, oil, pepper, and 4 tablespoons coconut milk. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate at least 1 hour, preferably overnight.

Soak twelve 12-inch bamboo skewers in cold water for atleast 1 hour. Thread each slice of chicken down the center onto a skewer, being careful not to tear meat or expose skewer.

Preheat grill or broiler. Brush skewered chicken with 1 tablespoon coconut milk and place on grill or broiler pan 4 inches from heat 5 to 6 minutes. Turn, brush with remaining tablespoon coconut milk and grill 3 to 4 minutes, or until cooked through.

Serve with satay sauce, cucumber salad accompanied with jasmin rice, sticky rice or toast.
Conversion chart
1/5 teaspoon = 1 milliliter
1 teaspoon = 5 ml
1 tablespoon = 15 ml
1/5 cup = 50 ml
1 cup = 240 ml
2 cups (1 pint) = 470 ml
4 cups (1 quart) = .95 liter
4 quarts (1 gal.) = 3.8 liters
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